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MSD is making a considerable amount of data and information available to our customers and other interested parties through its various websites. This page is where raw data can be downloaded, links are provided to other sites or where visitors can request additional data from MSD. If you don’t see something that you think should be here, let us know by contacting us. This page will be updated periodically as additional information is made available.

OpenMSD: Click here to access the OpenMSD site.
This is your source of all things about how MSD gets and spend money. It will be updated throughout the year, even weekly when it come to the salaries paid to MSD employees and daily as MSD pays its bills. The information is provided through easily accessible and user friendly web reports.

Expenditures Data
If you want the raw data of all MSD expenditures from the OpenMSD site, it can be downloaded for the time periods indicated below. These are large files in .txt format.
 MSD Employee Salaries
Raw data of all MSD salary data from the OpenMSD site can be downloaded for the time periods indicated below. These in tab delimited .txt format.


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