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The MSD Board is a group of eight citizens appointed to represent our customers' interests. The board members are appointed by the Metro Mayor.

The eight members of the Board represent the different State Senatorial Districts in Louisville and Jefferson County, ensuring broad-based representation for the entire community. Not more than five members of the Board can be of one political party. All members serve three-year, staggered terms, and can be reappointed. The MSD Board meetings are scheduled once a month at MSD's main office building at 700 West Liberty Street. Customers, and anyone else interested, are always welcome to attend. More information about the MSD Board is available here.

A separate web page covering the MSD Board Committees is available here.

Below you will find selection boxes with links to MSD Board meeting agendas, summaries and approved minutes. For additional years, please submit an Open Records Request.

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Update Frequency:
Agendas - On Thursdays before  upcoming Board meeting
Summaries - On Tuesdays following Board meetings
Minutes - On Tuesdays following Board meetings, the minutes from the previous month's Board meeting are available.
Frequently Asked Questions: (Click on the question to see the answer)

1. Why are 'Summaries' and 'Minutes' both published?
Summaries are produced right after the Board meeting or by the next day as a high level summary of what took place at the Board meeting. It gives the Board secretary the ability to communicate to the staff and the public what actions from the MSD Board meeting were approved. However, they are not the official minutes which aren’t approved until the next Board meeting.

2. Why do the minutes sometimes not match what was on the agenda of the meeting?
The agenda package posted on OpenMSD is what has been prepared in advance for consideration at the Board meeting. However, agenda items can be added or dropped at the discretion of the MSD Board after the Board meeting starts. The order the items are addressed could also change or there may not be a quorum for the meeting to even occur.

3. Why do some months show a different number of MSD Board meetings being held on different times and dates during the month?
Although MSD Board meetings are scheduled to occur regularly throughout the year, sometimes there are not enough items on the agenda to warrant a meeting, or there wasn’t a quorum of Board members to have a meeting. If there are situations that warrant, more than one Board meeting can be held.

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